Got a ticket?  Dismiss 3 Demerit Points in Court.  

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Awesome Driving School offers a comprehensive traffic safety course in a convenient and affordable Online package.

Don't let Demerit Points reach DMV and accumulate on your license. Dismiss 3 Demerit Points Upstream, at the Court Level. Your insurance will not learn about the ticket.

Have points on your license already? Try our DMV Point Reduction Online Course to Remove 3 Demerit points and Lower your Insurance Premiums up to 15%.


There are no classrooms to attend or textbooks to haul. Login when its convenient, your progress is saved online. Receive Certificate of Completion via email.


Maintaining the content online means you have the entire course in the palm of your hands. Since we do not pay for classrooms or textbooks, we save you time and money.


Study from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. That means you can be taking the course anytime you have your iPhone/Android.

  • Court Ticket Dismissal online course provides you with an option to read the text or have it read to you.
  • The course includes a number of engaging movies covering driver safety related topics.
  • Awesome Driving School offers a 100% guarantee you will pass. All questions are multiple true/false or multiple choice.
  • All quizzes and the final allow for an unlimited number of attempts so you cannot fail! We want you to pass!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

ADS will refund your money if you are not satisfied with our course for any reason as per this guarantee. The course is NV DMV Approved. Register with Confidence.

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    Buckle Up. With Awesome Driving School's award winning online Court Ticket Dismissal course, you are in the driver seat.

    Prevent Traffic Ticket Demerit Points getting on your license. Dismiss Demerit Points at the Court level so they don't reach NV DMV and your Insurance!

So you got a Ticket. Bummer!! Now don't be so hard on yourself; why cry over spilt milk? Instead, let's consider it lesson learned. Luckily for you, there is a way to remedy the situation if you Register for our 5-hour online Court Ticket Dismissal class.

Don't Miss Out on the Best way to:

  • Maintain your Driving Record
  • Insulate your License from Demerit Points
  • Keep Insurance and NV DMV from knowing

Leverage the opportunity to take care of your Driving Record. Let's face it - like working on your Credit, maintaining your Driving Record is Important:

  • Retain your Driving Privelege
  • Pay less for Auto Insurance
  • Invite Traffic Court Leniency
  • Improve Employer's Background Check results
  • Wipe away Demerit Points as if the ticket Never Happened. Here's a bit about our Court Ticket Dismissal course:

    • Approved by NV DMV, Accepted in NV Courts
    • Exclusively available Online
    • Tracks and saves your progress
    • Compatible w Macs, PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones
    • Log in whenever and wherever
    • Read the content or listen to read-along Audio
    • Watch movies, answer questions
    • Pass with flying colors
    • Receive emailed Certificate of Completion
    • Deliver the Cert of Completion to Traffic Court

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    • Is Awesome Driving School approved in NV?
    • Why should I pick ADS course and not a traditional traffic school or a different online provider?
    • How do I register for the course?
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