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Awesome Driving School offers a comprehensive driver training program in a convenient and affordable online package.

Start Driving the fast and easy way with our DDS-approved Joshua’s Law 30 hour training course.


There are no classrooms to attend or textbooks to haul. All information is available for you to review anytime online. Quizzes are graded on the fly and you can study from your couch.


Maintaining the content online means you have the entire course in the palm of your hands. Since we do not pay for classrooms or textbooks, we save you time and money.


Study from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. That means you can be taking the course anytime you have your iPhone/Android.

  • Our Joshua's Law online course provides you with an option to read the text or have it read to you.
  • The course includes a number of engaging movies including topics relevant to and discussed by teens.
  • Awesome Driving School offers a 100% guarantee you will pass. Ever had those teachers who wanted to fail you? Well, we want you to pass! All the quizzes and the final allow for an unlimited number of attempts so you cannot fail!
  • The Final is made up entirely of True/False and Multiple Choice Questions you have answered throughout the course.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

ADS will refund your money if you are not satisfied with our course for any reason as per this guarantee.

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    Buckle Up. With Awesome Driving School's Online Joshua Law award winning course, you are in the driver seat.

    Are you are under 17 and want to start driving soon? If so, keep reading!

For teens 15 to 16, getting a GA Driver's License is a 3-step process that requires a completion of an approved 30 hour Joshua's Law course. Our course is designed with teens in mind and is approved by GA DDS. Convenient to take, easy to pass, makes you safer! Follow this roadmap and you'll be driving in no time

Step 1: Learner's Permit (Class CP)

  • You are 15 or older
  • Pass vision exam
  • Pass knowledge exam
  • Have a notarized GA DDS Certificate Enrollment (DS-1)
  • Can only drive with a licensed adult (21 or older)
  • Don't procrastinate - start on the required 30 hr Joshua's Law driver training course now, you'll need to complete it to start driving on your own

Step 2: Intermediate License (Class D)

  • Teens under 17 are required to complete a GA DDS approved 30 hour course and 40 hrs of supervised driving w 6 hrs being at night
  • 17 year olds still have to complete 40 hrs of supervised driving w 6 hrs being at night
  • You had Learner's Permit for a year
  • You had no major traffic violations
  • Have a notarized GA DDS Certificate Enrollment (DS-1)
  • Have eADAP or Adap cert of completion
  • You pass vision exam and a road skill test
  • Can Drive Unsupervised (with restrictions)

Step 3: Full License (Class C)

  • You are 18 or older
  • Had Class D Intermediate License for at least a year
  • Had no major traffic violations
  • Congrats - You Can Drive Unsupervised (without restrictions)

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